il VEG

For a vegan and vegetarian diet

il VEG is an organic unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, enriched with vitamin B12, to meet the nutritional needs of vegetarian and vegan consumers.
A vegan diet, varied and balanced, ensures an adequate supply of almost all nutrients with the exception of vitamin B12. Therefore, it can be useful to complement this diet style with products that are a source of this vitamin as the Costa D'Oro IL VEG.
Vitamin B12 is essential for our body: it contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous and immune system, promotes normal red blood cell formation and helps reduce fatigue
IL VEG is certified VeganOK, the first Ethics certification born in Italy for Vegan products. Those who buy IL VEG are guaranteed of a packaged product that complies with the specification VeganOK, available on site, developed under the supervision of the ethical and scientific committee of the Italian Vegan Non-profit Association.


750 ml

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il Veg

For a Vegan/Vegetarian diet

Organic, unfiltered, enriched with vitamin B12, ideal for the needs of vegans and vegetarians. Veg keeps your health.


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