For people who prefer a lighter taste

il DELICATO is a cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil that enhances all flavours with its natural softness without covering them. Just add a little touch of DELICATO on meat, fish, raw or cooked vegetables, and the preparation will be a perfect harmony of flavours. DELICATO is a classic, which give personality to your food without overwhelming its taste.


1 L

Nutrition information

Average values per 100 ml

Energy3378 kJ / 822 kcal
Fat91,3 g
of which saturates13,7 g
mono-unsaturates64 g
polyunsaturates13,6 g
Carbohydrate0 g
of which sugars0 g
Protein0 g
Salt0 g
Vitamin E15,6 mg (125%)*

*Nrv = Nutrient reference value


{ Nutrition information }

· Colour ·

light green to dark green with golden highlights

· Bouquet ·

delicate and balanced

· Taste ·

mild and versatile

Other Classics


Very good and extremely versatile

Costa d’Oro Extra is an extra virgin olive oil that is well adapted to everyday cooking. It is slightly fruity with a balanced flavor without strong overtones.

L'Italiano Fruttato

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L’Italiano Fruttato is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is 100% Italian. It comes from olives that are picked at just the right ripeness. It is intense and has excellent organoleptic qualities.

il Delicato

For a lighter flavor

The Delicato is a cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil that does not cover flavors, but exalts them with its natural softness, creating a perfect harmony of flavors.


Golden and delicate

A mild amber thread that gently accompanies dishes, Costa d’Oro’s Oliva is a quality blend of refined and extra virgin olive oils.