Costa d’Oro, specialists in unfiltered

From the olive oil mill to the table...

Costa d’Oro holds Unfiltered as its most precious oil, one in which all of our experience, our love of nature, and our research are evident in every drop. It is, in fact, a leader in the production process, where technology is at the service of nature and its most prized fruit.

Unfiltered oil is the one that comes to the table as it is, just as it left the olive oil mill. It is full of authenticity, the microparticles present in the interior are olives that release over time in perfumes and flavors.

It is not only a matter of taste, it is also healthier and seasons better.
It is pure because it preserves the naturalness of freshly pressed olives, retaining their valuable vitamins and polyphenols, which are the oil’s natural antioxidants.

...natural quality

To preserve its organoleptic properties, it is cold-pressed and kept at below 27°.

It is a more heavily-bodied oil. It embraces food and imbues it with flavor, especially uncooked dishes.
The unfiltered oils represents the competence and specialization COSTA D'ORO has achieved over the years, our passion and attachment to Nature, always good and healthy, which has allowed us to bring our customer oils that, for qualitative, sensory and health characteristics, seem to have just left the olive oil mill.



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